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About the Maker

aboutI am a full-time firefighter, artist and knifemaker based in Limerick in the West of Ireland. Growing up in a seaside town in North Kerry my obsession with the the ocean and landscape along the shoreline inspires me to create functional artistic pieces which can be passed on for generations to come. Each piece I create is utterly unique and no two knives are the same.

Primarily focusing on high quality kitchen knives I do from time to time take on different styles of knife. I do take on custom orders and will work with the client to ensure that both their ideas and my fundamentals are both present in each unique knife that I create.

Every knife starts with a design, which develops and evolves throughout the process. Each step in the knifemaking process is done by me in my workshop and each material used in every knife is carefully chosen to create a piece that is both functional and beautiful especially when it comes to my choice of handles I will often create them by casting different materials in resin or stabilising my own wood, it all depends on the end result I am trying to achieve.